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We are KLCK. A creative agency based in the Netherlands that incorporates emotion, passion and expertise in everything that is executed. Setting new boundaries each and every time is key within our creative way of working.

With a strong focus on cinematography and expertise in digital services, KLCK. represents a clean, professional and innovative agency. We create unique digital media productions
that everyone can be proud of and inspired by.

KLCK. consists of young enthusiasts with roots in audiovisual services, innovation sciences, communication and marketing. All of this allows us to move with the times and deliver beyond what you requested.

We try to create the things that everybody thinks and dreams off, but only a few are really able to bring alive.


Who we worked with


We are KLCK.

Kevin van Rijn

Creative Director & Owner

Being involved from the very beginning, Kevin is now one of the creative directors with also a strong focus on project management and customer relations. His profound love for music and his know-how of people makes him an indispensable element of the team.


Onur Ucuncu

Managing Director & Owner

With a background in innovation sciences and marketing, Onur is involved in every facet of KLCK. and its projects from the beginning. His passion for a structured and pragmatic way of working are key for the growth of the services and the company as a whole.


Marnix van Oudheusden


Passion, love and perseverence. Three words that describe Marnix and his work. Storytelling is his form of art and by shining light on stories in the shadow, he provides a platform for the most interesting stories. Marnix is a true artist with a camera with a killer eye for composition.


Raphaël ter Maat


Knowing all corners of the world as an experienced traveller, Raphaël includes different cultures, ideas, sounds and thoughts into his work. Preparation is everything to him and he does not shy away from discussions in order to achive the ultimate visual.


Marco Espinosa

All-round Video Producer

Marco is an expert in editing and music/audio design. His knowledge in media, informatics and communication allow him to be involved in varying projects. Being on set and also getting involved in the editing process, makes Marco an all-round video producer.


Roos van Pinxteren


Passion is the driver and key for a great end result. Having a lot of passion, putting emphasis on clear communication and mixing these two characteristics with a Bachelor of Arts in film studies make Roos a true admirer of everything that involves a camera.



Whatever you need
Concept Development
Video Production
Music & Sound Design
Color Grading
Visual Effects & Animation
Aerial Cinematography
Video Marketing

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