Tiny Boundaries | Documentary.

A documentary about Lynton, a Scottish man who completely changed his life after his burnout and now fully focuses on his freedom, the nature and his family. In order to take on his new way of life and realize his dreams, he has immersed himself in the Tiny House movement. For his specific wishes he got in touch with a Tiny House company in The Netherlands. In this documentary we follow the journey of this Tiny House to its final destination, an island off the west coast of Scotland: Jura. Which boundaries do we need to overcome literally and figuratively? How big are the limits in 2018? How do we provide freedom for our children? How do we deal with choices, nature, friends, relationships and more?


Liberté Tiny Houses


Marnix van Oudheusen & Kevin van Rijn


Marnix van Oudheusen & Kevin van Rijn


Marnix van Oudheusden & Kevin van Rijn

Montage & Grading

Marnix van Oudheusden


Marnix van Oudheusen & Kevin van Rijn


Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the stars had ceased.

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